Friday, April 19, 2013

Sunshine on a cloudy day

Some sights and thoughts from my perspective on Monday....
Crowds along the start line
The fiddlers at Weston Nurseries....
Loud and awesome crowd at TJ’s in Ashland...
Donna P. at her house in Ashland...with her sign :)
1000-marathon Larry in Framingham - “Way to go, Larry!”
80+ rock.
Meeting Don and Melissa from Team NF in Framingham, after the train station
Firefighters on the ladder truck over the intersection on 135 - cheering us on from the best seat in the house
Garage band getting some exposure...cheering on everyone....
Aunt Kathy and Janet in Natick....right after Speen St.
Seeing a few fellow Anselmians running
Sox game on the radio
Guy on the porch with a full drum set....rocking out...
The MSB crew on 135 near the center of town...with signs!
Maria, Linds, and Lukasz at Natick Center - and a big hug!
Kristen and the boys in Natick
The Wellesley scream tunnel....never felt more like a rock star...
Amy D. at mile 14. A shriek and a huge hug...and some water. :)
Brian and Kelsey at MSB Wellesley... “Look! We made you a sign!!”
Kesha soon after...”Oh! There she is!”
“Our guys” at Newton-Wellesley Hospital - Derek and Dad...then Fred and Catherine right over the hill....
The 3 Marines: 1 visually impaired, 2 guides. awesome.
The “burger people” around us most of the way
The girl dribbling a basketball the entire way. amazing.
Right turn like an airplane....up the hills....
Jo, Ro, and Steve on “the” hill..mile 21-ish....Ro: ”Run for me, Keeps!” Me: “Ro, I want ice cream!”
Never been so happy to see BC
Down into the city.... feeling pretty good...
Brookline - Hi Suz!!
Random strangers cheering us on by name.....
Turn a corner....Citgo sign.
almost there.....

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