Thursday, March 7, 2013

Holding down the couch

Here I sit (more of a lounge, really), on my couch. On my birthday. Sick. Sad face. :( The blessing in disguise: I really needed a day like this.  As much as I think I can keep going nonstop, my body has spoken.  And it has told me, "Girl, I don't know what you think you are doing, but you need to slow down!"  Between working a ton, training for the marathon, planning fundraisers....  Yeah, I needed a time out.

I did have a restful day. I had ice cream for lunch. (hey, it's my birthday! why not!)  And I am swimming in Facebook birthday wishes.  I am overwhelmed with the birthday love! Thank you all! I am so lucky to have so many special people in my life - old friends, new friends, running buddies, work friends, family - you all inspire me beyond words. Thank you.

So, in between my life of chaos lately, I did stumble upon a new blog - Miles Gone By.  What an awesome blog.  And her name is Amanda too, so she must be cool. :)  Our running stories are similar - she got into running in her late 20s, runs for the fun of it, and paces about the same as me.  If we lived closer, I'm pretty sure we would be running buddies. Check out her blog!!!

I found this picture she posted last week:

Yup. Simple as that.  Run for you, and no one else. And there is a lot of satisfaction in that. 

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