Saturday, January 5, 2013

Right on Hereford, left on Boylston...

Today, me and a few running buddies incorporated a little course preview into my 9 mile training run. We parked at Woodland Station in Newton walked to the Newton Fire Station as a warm up, then we were off! (After the requisite potty stop, of course. I learned today that the Newton Fire Station is the unofficial "pee stop" on training runs. Thanks Newton Firefighters for the use of your facilities!)

We ran "the hill" know, Heartbreak Hill. That one. I can see how after running 16 or so miles and then having to drag yourself up the series of hills, it has earned its nickname. Today was gorgeous - 30-ish degrees and sunny in the city. An even more gorgeous sight was the church at Boston College, once we got through most of the hills.

By mile 5, I was wishing for a burger and a beer. I think I yelled ahead to Dayna demanding food. That's the great thing - my runner friends and I, we have the same interests and motivations...yes, some of those are beer and burgers (and nachos!). ;)

We finished our run in about an hour and a half, which is usual for my paces. It was quite windy once we got to Boylston St. We took some pics of the finish line...

...and happily trotted up the street to The Pour House for our burgers and beers...and they were glorious!!! We made our food disappear lickity split, enjoyed our post-run beers, and headed over to Copley to take the green line back to Woodland. All in all a great morning!

I am so thankful to have amazing friends who share the same passion for running. Having grown up in Massachusetts, watched the marathon every April, knowing my dad ran it, watching my brother run it, I know this is special. I never in a million years would have thought I would be training for THE Boston Marathon. When my first CRB (Chief Running Buddy) first convinced me to run a half marathon, I told her she was crazy. Now here I am: 4 half marathons and many 5ks later, I am doing this. I am going to run the Boston Marathon. wow.

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